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Cultivating universal intelligence is a process to develop the God-knowing, balanced personality with a cosmic perspective and the capacity to love – essential to advancing civilization.  

In the Cultivating Universal Intelligence workshop, personal growth is supported by a universal framework of self development that satisfies the intellectual, moral, and spiritual aspirations of all who embrace it, regardless of nationality, religion, culture, or race. 
The Cultivating Universal Intelligence workshop

  • Enhances those religious/spiritual habits of thoughts and actions that contribute to spiritual growth and righteous living.

  • Promotes intellectual growth.

  • Fosters emotional maturity.

  • Cultivates moral insight, a sense of duty promoting moral values and their expression.

  • Cultivates true spiritual insight; the ability to recognize and embrace the reality of God as a Father/personality and the fraternal actuality of all personalities.

  • Strengthens one’s familiarity with God through better attunement with the Indwelling Spirit.

  • Deepens appreciation for the beauty of natural creation.

  • Fosters the quality of selflessness, the capacity to love, and the ability to live the brotherhood of man.

  • Cultivates the cosmic perspective that contributes to religious unity and cultural progress.

  • Self-empowers each individual to blossom with cosmic insight.

The objective results are the icing on the cake. This may include a positive outlook on life, improved health, better relationships, enhanced career opportunities, a harmonic rhythm to everyday events, and a stable life environment. Genuine happiness is a natural outgrowth of a universally intelligent life!