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Sheila Keene-Lund was born to an English father and a Puerto Rican mother in Vigo, Spain. The family lived in Cuba, England, and Puerto Rico before moving to the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia, where she grew up and eventually married and had three sons.

In St. Lucia, Keene-Lund completed training in corporate management and finance with the London Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. She later became chief operations officer of Carib Touring Limited, a position she held for five years.

Moving her family to Fairfield, Iowa, Keene-Lund worked as a marketing manager for a local software company before starting her own business. Document It! Inc. worked with Fortune 500 corporations to implement their ISO 9000 quality management system. Keene-Lund also developed a set of twelve standard operation procedure manuals pertaining to all aspects of nursing home and assisted living environments.

While in Fairfield, Keene-Lund started a non-profit organization, the Adopt-a-Grandparent Foundation whose mission was to promote meaningful relationships between the elderly and the youth of the community. She developed a unique program for matching grandparents to youth and documented the system so that it could be introduced in any city. During her two years as executive director, she arranged and managed the “adoption” of over two-hundred elderly citizens in nursing homes and assisted living settings, with over two-hundred and twenty-five volunteers.

Introduced to the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1977, Keene-Lund became a certified teacher in 1980. In Iowa she became an altar server at the St. Gabriels and All Angels Liberal Catholic Church and eventually a deaconess. In that capacity she developed workshops on spiritual care for the living and dying. These programs served to expand the understanding of the dying process and complimented her work as a hospice volunteer.

Sheila Keene-Lund has devoted much of the last fifteen years to writing Heaven Is Not the Last Stop. It has been a journey of research and reflection, of theoretical and creative insight—clarifying and expanding the Big Picture of Existence. Sheila lives with her husband Bart in central Florida.

She is currently Education Committee Chair of Urantia Association International and Vice-President of the Urantia Association of Florida.  Keene-Lund offers presentations and workshops, nationally and internationally, on the concepts and principles discovered in her research and described in Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.

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